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Street Talk: Yonamine’s ‘Parla_Mute’

portrait of a black Angolan artist sitting in front of his collages
by Matteo Calla // Nov. 8, 2022
‘Parla_Mute,’ the current show by Angolan artist Yonamine at Michael Janssen Gallery in Berlin, confronts the viewer with an inversion. Stepping into the gallery space, hidden from the…[read on]

INTERSECTIONS // An Interview with Frances Stark: On Making a Pedagogical Opera in South Central

Interview by Alison Hugill – in Stockholm; Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015.

Last month, the biennial Absolut Art Award was presented to two nominees, one for Art Work and one for Art Writing, at a gala event in Stockholm. In an amusing twist of fate, the award certificates were accidentally printed with the wrong names on the night of the event, unofficially awarding Mark Godfrey the prize for Art Work, and Frances Stark the prize for Art Writing…[read on…]