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Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Gregor Hildebrandt

Article by Alison Hugill, Photos by Susann Zielinski & Tim Adler in Berlin // Jun. 16, 2014
Fittingly, Gregor Hildebrandt arrived a bit late to our studio visit meet-up in Wedding because he was DJing the opening of the Berlin Biennale the night…[read on]

About Smoke // An interview with Yujin Lee

Interview by Anna Russ, Photos by Susann Zielinski & Tim Adler in Berlin // Sep. 4, 2011
Yujin Lee is a Korean artist currently living in Berlin, whom I met recently at the opening reception of the group exhibition ‘Fume Emits’ at Loop – Raum für aktuelle Kunst…[read on]

Berlin Art Week // Art Fairs and Event Selects

2012 © Susann Zielinski & Tim Alder aka Z.U.P.A.

Article by Anna C. Purcell in Berlin // Sept. 11, 2012
In the tradition of Art Forum’s previous efforts, the second week of September will inhabit the city with a new visage: Berlin Art Week. The event, which will be marked by a variety of privately coordinated fairs from a…[read on]

Berlin Art Link Launched in 2010 by Monica Salazar and Anna Russ (MONA), Berlin Art Link is a digital magazine focused on contemporary art and culture. Through the publication of studio visits, critical exhibition reviews, artist profiles, videos and interviews, we aim to facilitate a free and accessible, evolving conversation between creative professionals, art enthusiasts… Read more »