Light // Philipp Geist’s Lightart Festival in Weilheim

Berlin Art Link Feature Lichtkunst Weilheim

Article by Julian Bachmann in Munich // Oct. 25, 2016
The Lightart Festival took place for the first time in Weilheim, Bavaria last week. As Philipp Geist, one of the most famous light artists in the world, was born and raised in Weilheim, it was high time…[read on]

Light // Cerith Wyn Evans at Galerie Neu


Article by Rebecca Partridge in Berlin // Oct. 19, 2016
Set back in a gated hinterhof off Linienstraße, Galerie Neu’s visitors have to know what they are looking for. The freestanding architecture of the gallery is an in-between space—being both…[read on]

Work // Construction and Deconstruction: An Interview with Leah Dixon

Leah Dixon: ‘If the Earth had a flag, the Moon would have to be on it’, 2016 performance at Aunt Linda // Courtesy of the artist and Aunt Linda

Article by William Stewart in Berlin // Sep. 22, 2016
Leah Dixon is strong. She will tell you this, though she doesn’t need to. Her arms show it. She built her own bar, Beverley’s on the Lower East Side of New York, by hand. And if you catch one of her shows, she’s likely to be sawing her artworks into pieces…[read on]