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THE WEEK, April 19-24

TUESDAY, April 19, 2011 JOHANN KÖNIG “performancelectureseries #4: Recreating the World at the Speech Desk” – EGILL SÆBJÖRNSSON Performance: Tuesday, April 19, 7:30 pm Dessauer Straße 6-7 (click here for map) GALERIE ADAMSKI Kultur and Gespenster Release Party Presentation: Tuesday, April 19, 7 pm Strausberger Platz 3 (click here for map) WEDNESDAY, April 20, 2011… Read more »

THE WEEK, Apr. 11-17, 2011

TUESDAY, Apr. 12, 2011 VENEKLASEN WERNER “Films of HARUN FAROCKI: Leben (a.k.a., How to Live in the FRG)” Film Screening: Tuesday, Apr. 12, 6:30 pm Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 26 (click here for map) WEDNESDAY, Apr. 13, 2011 SALON POPULAIRE “Having Fun with Ryan” – ANNIKA LARSSON Presentation: Wednesday, Apr. 13, 8 pm Bülowstraße 90 (click here for… Read more »

THE WEEK, Apr. 4-10, 2011

MONDAY, Apr. 04, 2011 WERKSTADT KULTURVEREIN BERLIN ART CLINIC – Artist Presentations & Open Critique Nikolaus Schrot, Jen Martin, Nawroz Qadir Monday, Apr. 04, 8-10 pm Emser Straße 124 (click

THE WEEK: March 28- April 3, 2011

SUNDAY, Mar. 27, 2011 JEWISH MUSEUM BERLIN “A Musical Portrait of Ken Ueno: Archaeologies of the Future” Performance: Sunday, Mar. 27, 11 am Lindenstraße 9-14 (click here for map) MONDAY, Mar. 28, 2011 ICI BERLIN “One Divides Into Two: Dialectics, Negativity & Clinamen” – SLAVOJ ŽIŽEK, ALENKA ZUPANČIČ, MLADEN DOLAR Conference: Monday, Mar. 28 –… Read more »

THE WEEK: March 21-27, 2011

MONDAY, March 21, 2011 HAMBURGER BAHNHOF “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There” – EGILL SÆBJÖRNSSON & MARCIA MORAES Performance: Monday, Mar. 21, 10 pm Admission 12 €, Advanced Ticket Sales: : Invalidenstraße 50-51 (click here for map) UNATITTEL “If Tantalus had tricked the gods, we’d all be immortal” – LINDA GREEN, KATE… Read more »

THE WEEK: March 14-20, 2011

MONDAY, Mar. 14, 2011 ARSENAL In conversation: P. ADAMS SITNEY and ULRICH GREGOR Discussion: Monday, Mar. 14, 8 pm Potsdamer Straße 2 (click here for map) TUESDAY, Mar. 15, 2011 SOHO HOUSE BERLIN “The Urban Artist: paths from subcultural creativity to contemporary art”- GROUP SHOW presented by CIRCLECULTURE GALLERY Exhibition: Mar. 12 – Apr. 14,… Read more »

The Curator’s Battle: Saturday, March 19, 2011

Photos by Mike Milosh The Curator’s Battle I: Aaron Moulton Vs. Carson Chan This Saturday bpigs presents with “The Curator’s Battle,“ the first part of a new exhibition series that will be held in different project spaces in Berlin. For the first “Battle“ Aaron Moulton (formerly ran Galerie Feinkost) will compete against Carson Chan (Program… Read more »

ART AUCTION: Saturday, March 19; 7 pm

Drawing by Hanna Terese Nilsson De Joode & Kamutzki: New Art Auction House This Saturday marks the first live auction of De Joode & Kamutzki, a new Berlin auction house specializing in contemporary art. Operating under the mission, “bringing the right art to the people and the right people to the art,” founders Rachel de… Read more »

THE WEEK: March 9-13, 2011

WEDNESDAY, Mar. 09, 2011 HAUS DER KULTUREN DER WELT “The Secrets Trilogy” – REYNOLD REYNOLDS Exhibition: Feb. 02 – Apr. 03, 2011 Artist Talk: Wednesday, Mar. 09, 7 pm John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10 (click here for map) SALON POPULAIRE “After the Fall – Film City Berlin #5“ – a series of mises-en-scène by FLORIAN WÜST Wednesday, Mar.… Read more »