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About Smoke // An interview with Yujin Lee

Interview by Anna Russ, Photos by Susann Zielinski & Tim Adler in Berlin // Sep. 4, 2011
Yujin Lee is a Korean artist currently living in Berlin, whom I met recently at the opening reception of the group exhibition ‘Fume Emits’ at Loop – Raum für aktuelle Kunst…[read on]

BERLIN ARCH LINK: Berlin Wildes Leben – Species Meet at Überlebenskunst

Berliner Wildes Leben - Spa for the Fish (x)

Article by Marcus Owens – in Berlin; Monday, August 29, 2011.

Ask a Berliner, and most will have a story about an encounter or glimpse of a large wild animal in the city. In Berlin Wildes Leben, part of the Überlebenskunst exhibition and on display at the Haus am Wald See sculpture garden through November, London-based Michiko Nitta and Berlin-based Susanna Hertrich speculate on the future of these interactions…[read on…]


Julian Hoeber – “Kiss (lurid)”

Article by Melissa Steckbauer and Wendy Vogel – in Berlin; Friday, August 26, 2011.

Two perspectives on “Adult Contemporary: Family Romance”, the second edition of Kavi Gupta’s annual summer video series…[read on…]

Experimentation and Improvisation. A Discussion with Max Ray

Max Ray

Interview by Daniel Thomas Berg, Photos by Chloé Richard – in Berlin; Thursday, August 25, 2011.

The COT Theater is an improvisation performance collective founded in London by director and former art critic Max Ray and visual artist/physical performer Satu Suomela. Their shows revolve around improvisation and an interdisciplinary approach…[read on…]

BAL and ICI present Project 35 at Soho House

Guy Ben-Ner - "Berkeleys Island"

article by Cate Smierciak – in Berlin; Tuesday, August 23, 2011.

In the age of fast, streaming internet video and ever-fewer, fledgling art cinemas bold enough to show video art, single-channel video work rarely finds itself publicly presented outside the gallery – perhaps wedged into the darkest corner, shielded from a din of chatting visitors by a flimsy curtain, or plopped into a cube within a cube, with passers by swinging in and out as dictated by interest or attention span…[read on…]

BERLIN ARCH LINK: Tricky Triangulations at Aedes Pfefferberg

Article by Elizabeth Feder – in Berlin; Tuesday, August 16, 2011.

And it’s two meters into the gallery before you have to idle and choose.

You could pivot to the left, which is thin and static in its grayness. You could pivot to the right and be enveloped in red text and an inundation of LCD screens. Or you could continue straight ahead and follow the light into a bright whiteness of carefully benign design. I pivoted to the left…[read on…]

Exhibition „New Realities. PhotoGraphik from Warhol to Havekost“ at Kupferstichkabinett

Article entry by Anna Schultz – in Berlin;Tuesday, August 9, 2011.

Prints and multiples, no matter how limited the editions, are commonly -and often unjustly- criticized for their supposed lack of originality. This antiquated debate is a surprisingly constant factor in art criticism and art historical discourse alike. It remains as prejudiced as it was at the very beginnings of printmaking, more than half a millennium ago…[read on…]

ON THE ROAD SERIES: Brian Leo in New York City


Article by Jessyca Hutchens – in Berlin; Sunday, August 7, 2011.

Brian Leo’s work hits you like a wall of noise or, rather, a wall of noises. On any given wall, a multitude of brightly colored canvases vie for attention. The New York based painter has dubbed his style “Garage Pop Surrealism” and this really couldn’t be more apt. While Garage describes the punk and highly personal elements, Pop is the iconic…[read on…]

On the occasion of “7 Homotopies (How One Becomes The Other)” by C.C.Hennix in Grimmuseum

cc hennix lecture

Article by Weronika Trojańska – in Berlin; Thursday, July 28, 2011.

Sound is everywhere. It is surrounding us, even when we don’t think about it, even when we do not hear anything, or rather…especially, when we do not hear anything. It comes from space, from ourselves, from our souls. The whole universe is composed from different sounds, which are produced by every single structure. “When we hear those vibrations our system of molecules vibrates with them”…[read on…]