Announcement // Parallax Series: Photography and Theory at ACUD Macht Neu

Berlin_Art_Link_Discover_ParallaxSeriesSami Khatib, Anne van Leeuwen, Parallax Series, ACUD Macht Neu; photo by Navina Khatib

This week, ACUD Macht Neu presents the ongoing lecture and photography series Parallax, curated by Anne van Leeuwen and Sami Khatib. The program, which started in early June, continues with two installments on Tuesday and Saturday.

The Parallax event takes a philosophical approach to photography and interrogates the medium as both a historical and significative method, referring to the way in which it has transformed our understandings of time, memory, and history.

The series, which draws on the philosophy of Walter Benjamin and psychoanalytic theorists, attempts to bring “theoretically invested photographic works and photographically informed theory into dialogue, approaching photography as a contemporary medium of thought.”

Recent sessions have included photographic work and discussion by Berlin-based photographers Diana Artus and Sinta Werner, and featured a screening by Israeli filmmaker Udi Aloni.


Additional Information

“Parallax” – Photography & Theory Event Series
Sessions: Jun. 10; Jun. 17; Jul. 22; Jul. 26 at 7PM
Veteranenstr. 21 (click here for map)

Facebook Event:
Blog entry by Alison Hugill in Berlin; Monday, Jul. 21, 2014.

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