Suzanne Ciani and the New Analog Modular

A portrait of a woman in front of a white and red wall
by Adela Lovric // Sept. 30, 2022
A classically trained composer, Suzanne Ciani garnered fame as “America’s first female synth hero.” She pioneered the analog modular Buchla synthesizer in the 1970s and helped…[read on]

Beto Shwafaty: Oil as a Global Lubricant

Image of a half black Brazilian flag and a framed newspaper clipping to the right of the flag
by Juan José Santos // Sept. 16, 2022
Half of the Brazilian flag is blacked out with oil, its green colour progressively devoured by black. Titled ‘From Abstract Orders to Material Progress’ (2010–2011), it is one of the…[read on]