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Exhibition // Melike Kara at Peres Projects

Berlin Art Link Discover Melike Kara at Peres Projects

Article by Alice Bardos – in Berlin; Friday, Mar. 04, 2016

An visit to Melike Kara’s In Your Presence makes viewers feel as if they were sent floating down the river Alph through Xanadu. Anticipation might build, though Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Kubla Khan does not actually await within the caverns…[read on…]

THE WEEK April 20 – 26

Tuesday, Apr. 21, 2015 MIES VAN DER ROHE HAUS BERLIN “UND” – PETER DOWNSBROUGH Exhibition: Apr. 19 – Jun. 28, 2015 Conversation with Dr. MICHAEL LAILACH: Tuesday, Apr. 21; 6pm Oberseestraße 60 (click here for map) Wednesday, Apr. 22, 2015 KUNSTBIBLIOTHEK “Mode ist Oberfläche, ohne oberflächlich zu sein – Zur Symbiose von Kunst und Mode… Read more »

Nicole Cohen

Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Nicole Cohen
by Monica Salazar, Anna Russ // Oct. 2, 2010
Nicole Cohen, a U.S.-born video installation artist working with video and collage, creates work which overlaps past and present scenarios…[read on]