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Letter from the Editor: Myth

by Alison Hugill // Nov. 3, 2023
With this new topic, we are looking at the ways in which artists are reclaiming mythology and engaging in new and complex processes of myth-making, world-building and fictioning…[read on]

Truth // Alvaro Urbano’s ‘Altbau’ at ChertLüdde

Article by Nat Marcus in Berlin // Jan. 16, 2018
Beg I first attended ‘Altbau’, an installation by Alvaro Urbano currently on view at ChertLüdde, because of a violet hue in a photo selected for the vernissage’s Facebook event. The work could’ve been a print or a painting,[read on]

Activism // Heilige Hexen: An Interview with BRUJAS


Article by Nat Marcus in Berlin // Jun. 27, 2017
Like proper witches, the BRUJAS collective shifts shapes: they are a skate crew emerging from the Bronx in the past few years, as well as an apparel design collective, party hosts, and a facilitator of workshops on…[read on]

Announcement // Spiegelmund at Am Flutgraben 3


Article by Nat Marcus in Berlin // Feb. 28, 2017
Spiegelmund: “mirror-mouth”. Is it the conversation, or lack thereof, with a barber while you get a haircut, looking both in front and behind you? A speech articulate enough to reflect the world? Promotional… [read on]