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Heiner Franzen

by April Dell // Apr. 23, 2018
Walking into Heiner Franzen’s bright and spacious studio is like entering into a huge version of one of his drawing room installations. Rather than finding…[read on]

Exhibition // Sean Snyder at Galerie Neu

Berlin Art Link Discover Sean Snyder at Galerie Neu

Article by Candice Nembhard in Berlin // Feb. 13, 2017
Sean Snyder’s ‘Aurora Borealis’ offers insight into the ways in which images and structures materialise themselves. With multiple disciplines and practices…[read on]

Exhibition // Chloe Piene at Galerie Barbara Thumm

Berlin Art Link Discover Chloe Piene at Barbara Thumm

Article by Candice Nembhard, Photos by Sandra Camey in Berlin // Jan. 31, 2017
Artist Chloe Piene presents her third solo show ‘Surgery’ at Galerie Barbara Thumm. Based upon her 2016 staging of a Familienaufstellung (Family Constellations),…[read on]

Exhibition // Uwe Henneken at Meyer Riegger

Berlin Art Link Discover Uwe Henneken at Meyer Rieffer

Article by Lisa Birch, photos by Sandra Camey in Berlin // Jan. 25, 2017
Berlin-based artist Uwe Henneken is presenting his latest body of work with an exhibition titled ‘Transhistorical Flamingo’ at Meyer Riegger…[read on]

Exhibition // Dan Attoe at Peres Project

Berlin Art Link Discover Dan Attoe at Peres Project

Article by Brit Seaton, photos by Sandra Camey in Berlin // Jan. 08, 2017
Dan Attoe’s solo exhibition ‘Natural Selections’, presented by Peres Projects, is a collection of real and imagined views of the Northwest coast of America…[read on]