Fiction // Inventing New Mythologies: An Interview with Megan Rooney


Article by Penny Rafferty in Berlin // Aug. 26, 2016
Pastel-hued breasts, hair etched into painted canvases, stealth desert snakes and over-sized hands melt seamlessly together. A sex-conjoined animal and human in a lucid dream-like state are some of the characters in Megan Rooney’s ephemeral narratives…[read on]

Fiction // Macrocosmic Emotions: An Interview with Valinia Svoronou

Berlin Art Link Interviews Valinia Svoronou

Article by Alice Bardos in Berlin // Aug. 16, 2016
Seeming to effortlessly keep a finger on the pulse of rebellious youth cultures including street-style, post-mainstream publications such as High Snobiety carry an air of allure and yet somehow imbue a sense of falsity within their readers.The ideas put forth by artists…[read on]



Article by Alison Hugill, Photos by Alexander Coggin in Berlin // Aug. 15, 2016
Katie Paterson might be a magician. She has the impressive ability to mobilize high level astronomers, space agencies, biologists, arborists, architects, and…[read on]

Fiction // East of Eden: An Interview with Yves Scherer

Article by Alice Bardos in Berlin // Aug. 12, 2016
I’d done research into his sculptures and surreal post-internet pieces before I’d met him, but going off of the intellectual and nostalgic facets of his work—in tandem with with my quickly made presumptions towards…[read on]