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Exhibition // Blair Thurman at Peres Projects

Article by Alice Bardos – in Berlin; Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015.

Emerging out of contrast to the backdrop of Berlin’s pale November skies and the ominous and impersonal socialist classic architecture of Karl-Marx-Alle, the warm playful glow of Blair Thurman’s art invites passerby to embark on a trip to a place of memory, reflection and connection. At first impression…[read on…]

Gallery Portrait // 13m

Berlin Art Link blog post, gallery portrait, 13m

Blog post by Jazmina Figueroa – in Berlin; Friday, Sep. 07, 2013.

A corridor that stretches thirteen meters long from the entrance to the back wall and set two meters wide is now a gallery space run by culture coordinator Julia Björnsdottir, photographer Thorir Ingvarsson and architect Birta Frodadottir. The gallery is situated within the main entrance of their shared apartment in Moabit. In January Birta moved in with Julia…[read on…]

She Says, She Says

Julian Hoeber – “Kiss (lurid)”
by Melissa Steckbauer, Wendy Vogel // Aug. 26, 2011
Two perspectives on “Adult Contemporary: Family Romance”, the second edition of Kavi Gupta’s annual summer video series…[read on]

Breaking Windows & During Office Hours

Berlin Art Link feature exhibition Feinkost Gallery
by Ester Ippolito // Oct. 22, 2010
Most of us walk around with a little bit of interior chaos that we suppress during day-to-day life. Due largely to social norms of expected behaviours maintained in ‘civilized society’,…[read on]