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Exhibition // XX. Rohkunstbau “Revolution”

Article by AJ Kiyoizumi – in Berlin; Thursday, Jul. 10, 2014.

Many elements must be aligned for the Rohkunstbau project to exist. The Brandenburg exhibition, now in its 20th year, has hopped locations since its inception in an empty construction hall in Spreewald…[read on…]

Exhibition // 14 Rooms: Live Art Revitalizes Art Basel

Berlin Art Link Features; courtesy of Art Basel © photo by Daniela & Tonatiuh

Article by AJ Kiyoizumi – in Berlin; Tuesday, Jul. 01, 2014.

It’s difficult to think of something to say about Art Basel that hasn’t been said before. It’s the behemoth of all art fairs; collectors flock worldwide to purchase artworks in the seven and eight-figure range; it’s where art-market players go to be seen (and if they are truly important, only seen by other VIPS at the preview days). Oh yes, there is also plenty of art too…[read on…]

Exhibition // David Bowie at Martin-Gropius-Bau

Article by AJ Kiyoizumi – in Berlin; Tuesday, Jun. 03, 2014.

David Bowie said that while he was growing up he wanted to be a “trendy person, not a trend.” In a way he succeeded, because he has been anything but a single fleeting trend as one of the most important artists for the past 50 years. However, defining Bowie as a trendy person would also be incorrect…[read on…]

Exhibition // Kate Steciw’s ACTIFE PLASSITY

Berlin Art Link Features, Art Work by Kate Steciw

Blog post by AJ Kiyoizumi – in Berlin; Friday, May 30, 2014.

Kate Steciw‘s works in her newest solo show at Neumeister Bar-Am are sculptures that use photographic collages as base material. She manipulates different shards and structures that both lie flat on the walls and jut into the viewing space… [read on…]

Exhibition // *Atavistic Zen* at DUVE Berlin

Article by AJ Kiyoizumi – in Berlin; Tuesday, May 27, 2014.

American artist Evan Gruzis’ new solo show is his fourth one at DUVE Berlin, and it shows his range and development as an artist. His work has become more abstract and cohesive, demonstrating mindfulness of his progression and reception as an artist…[read on…]

Exhibition // You Might Be A Dog at LEAP

Berlin Art Link Features, Art Work by Danja Vasiliev and Sofia Mavzalevskaya; courtesy of LEAP

Article by AJ Kiyoizumi – in Berlin; Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

The title of the newest group exhibition at LEAP, You Might Be A Dog, comes from a New Yorker cartoon from the 1990s. In it, one dog sits at a desktop computer, and speaks down to his fellow canine, saying “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”…[read on…]

Exhibition // Somewhere sideways, down, at an angle, but very close at WENTRUP

Berlin Art Link Features, Art Work by Florian Meisenberg; courtesy of Wentrup Gallery

Article by AJ Kiyoizumi – in Berlin; Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

Artist Florian Meisenberg knows that we no longer need to marvel at the software of Siri, and he knows that tweeting is already an aging sport. In his second show at Wentrup Gallery, we aren’t pushed to consider magical or gimmicky aspects of technology mixed with art. Instead, he plays with the already existing…[read on…]

Interview // Georgia Russell’s Collaboration with Ruinart Champagne

Berlin Art Link Features, Art Work by Georgia Russell; courtesy of Ruinart

Interview by AJ Kiyoizumi – in Berlin; Tuesday, May 06, 2014.

Artist Georgia Russell has made her name in the niche of book art. Her meticulous handiwork with a scalpel and old tomes is awe-inspiring both in its effort and aesthetic. Through the process of, in some sense, destroying a book, she creates, reconstructs, and enlivens pages into creature-like objects. The Scottish artist uses her skill to make stories and histories relevant again…[read on…]

Gallery Weekend: Overview Part II

Berlin Art Link Features, Art Work by Klaus vom Bruch; courtesy of the artist

By AJ Kiyoizumi // May 07, 2014
I made my way from Kurfürstenstraße and up the busy Potsdamerstraße on Friday with the end destination of Wu Tsang and Boychild’s performance at Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie in mind[read on]

Exhibition // Camille Henrot’s Ikebana Translations

Article by AJ Kiyoizumi – in Berlin; Tuesday, Apr. 15, 2014.

The Odyssey has been translated into many languages, but never translated into the language of flowers. This is the work of artist Camille Henrot’s new exhibition, Snake Grass at Schinkel Pavillon. At first, the show doesn’t seem to be from the same artist who created the Silver Lion Award-winning Venice Biennale video, Grosse Fatigue in…[read on…]

Review // Street Level Symposiums at This Red Door

Berlin Art Link "This Red Door" event, photos by This Red Door

Article by Alena Sokhan – in Berlin; Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013.

In the sunny neighborhood of Prenzlauerberg, among the traditional European pale stucco apartment buildings that line the street is a strange, squat wooden bunker-like building with a bright red door. This is REH Kunst, which stands for…[read on…]