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Robert Lazzarini

Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Robert Lazzarini
by Lucia Love // Dec. 7, 2016
Robert Lazzarini’s Greenpoint studio is scenically located by the banks of the greasy Newtown Creek. In stark contrast to the superfund site, his…[read on]

Exhibition // Juwelia at Jack Hanley Gallery, New York


Blog post by Lucia Love – in New York; Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016.

Creation of one’s own utopian vision is a distinctly noble endeavor fraught with complications of circumstance, such as having to share the world with pessimistic bores. The evolution of social contracts which allow civilization to grow in density and moral complication maintain…[read on…]

Marianne Vitale

Berlin Art Link Studio visit with Marianne Vitale
by Lucia Love // Aug. 14, 2014
Artist studios in the city are as diverse as the neighborhoods that they crop up in. Always shifting through industrial blocks – anonymous areas where you…[read on]

Fables and Form: David Alexander Flinn at Envoy Enterprises NYC

Berlin Art Link, Discover, artwork by David Alexander Flinn

Blog post by Lucia Love – in Berlin; Thursday, Nov. 28, 2013.

On view through November at Envoy Enterprises is the elegant work of David Alexander Flinn. Nor Here Nor There displays a cross section of sculptural musings on the way morals are shaped through fantastical narratives we’re all exposed to as youths, and how they come to guide us as adults…[read on…]


Blog post by Lucia Love; photographs by Anastasia Loginova – in Berlin; Monday, May 20, 2013.

On Saturday afternoon (the day of our Berlin Art Link team’s attendance to Frieze art fair) the city was struck by a torrential downpour. Safe within the tent on Randal’s island…[read on…]

The Armory Show Turns 100!

Blog post by Lucia Love; photographs by Anastasia Loginova – in New York; Saturday, March 16, 2012.

It doesn’t get more established than a centennial celebration. And this year’s Armory week was no exception. The throw backs came complete, including an updated Urinal…[read on…]