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Hanne Lippard

by Göksu Kunak // Feb. 28, 2017
Several years ago, Hanne Lippard and I were constantly bumping into each other on the corner of Adalbertstraße and Oranienstraße, close to…[read on]

Imaginary WalkAbout: The Birth of the Gods Part I

Berlin Art Link WalkAbout, Art Work by Barbara Confino

Blog post by Barbara Confino – in Berlin; Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013.

Artist and writer Barbara Confino’s new series, WalkAbout: the World as Image, Imagination, and Idea is a leisurely inquiry into the interplay between the real and the fantastic…[read on…]

Barbara Confino’s “The Genetic Wars”

BarbaraConfino - The Genetic Wars

Blog post by Anna Purcell – in Berlin; Saturday, July 21, 2012.

In her graphic history The Genetic Wars, Barbara Confino, a New York City-based artist and writer, explores the repurcussions of a society in which cloning is the primary form of human reproduction.
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Play Dead: A New Series of Scarves by Bruce LaBruce

Blog post by Anna C. Purcell – in Berlin; Thursday, Jun. 28, 2012.

Front Row Society and ArtStars* collaborate to present a new line of scarves from Bruce LaBruce, the Toronto-based filmmaker, director, photographer, writer, and artist. The line will be previewed on June 30th in Berlin at the new club Le Chat Gris, just off Rosa-Luxembourg- Platz. [read on…]

Words with Room Service: Selected Poems

Blog Entry by Clare Ros– in Berlin; Friday, March 25, 2011.

The selection of poems below come from Words with Room Service, the latest collection of poetry by Melanie Sevcenko. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Sevcenko currently lives in Berlin, where she works as a freelance journalist and reporter for international publications.

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