Article by Alison Hugill, Photos by Jeff Weber in Berlin // Sep. 29, 2016
Self-effacing artists are hard to find these days. In the history of photographic theory, critics overzealously claimed for the medium an outward looking gaze that…[read on]

Work // Construction and Deconstruction: An Interview with Leah Dixon

Article by William Stewart in Berlin // Sep. 22, 2016
Leah Dixon is strong. She will tell you this, though she doesn’t need to. Her arms show it. She built her own bar, Beverley’s on the Lower East Side of New York, by hand. And if you catch one of her shows, she’s likely to be sawing her artworks into pieces…[read on]

Work // The Noise of Positive Energy: An Interview with GCC


Article by Berlin Art Link in Berlin // Sep. 13, 2016
GCC is a collective of delegates based in the Arabian Gulf, including Nanu Al-Hamad, Khalid Al Gharaballi, Abdullah Al-Mutairi, Fatima Al Qadiri, Monira Al Qadiri, Aziz Al Qatami, Barrak Alzaid and Amal Khalaf. Their name is taken from…[read on]

Work // Memento Mori: ‘Poppy — Trails of Afghan Heroin’ at C/O Berlin

Article by Nathaniel Marcus in Berlin // Sep. 05, 2016
My point of entry into ‘Poppy — Trails of Afghan Heroin’ was a city in southern Kyrgyzstan called Osh. Spread across four projected video channels was footage shot out of a car window into a slate-colored street at evening, overlaid with a line of text on Osh’s sex worker trafficking…[read on]