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Art Interview // No.1: Stanka Koleva

Interview by Graham Haught – in Berlin; Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014

Stanka Koleva, a Bulgarian photographer based in Berlin for the last six years, told me over email that she would like the interview to take place in Tempelhof, an abandoned airport that is now a public park …[read on…]

THE WEEK May 26–June 01

Berlin Art Link Openings, Art Work by Graham Haught; courtesy of the

MAXIM GORKI THEATER “Giving Contours to Shadows” – GROUP SHOW Series: May 24 – Jul. 27, 2014 Performances: Monday, May 28; 8pm Foyer and Studio Я, Am Festungsgraben 2 (Click here for map) Wednesday, May 28, 2014 8TH BERLIN BIENNALE Exhibition: May 29 – Aug. 03, 2014 Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 28; 7-10pm At all Berlin Biennale venues […]

SOUND // Resonators: xorzyzt at Gegen

xorzyzt, Kit Kat, Berlin Art Link, Graham Haught

Blog entry by Graham Haught in Berlin; Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

Gegen Festival of Light took place on May 2 at Kit Kat Club. A torrent of shirtless men and skinny women with bleached hair gathered around the swimming pool, waiting with cigarettes and drinks until they felt ready to dance….[read on…]

SOUND // Resonators: Oathbreaker and Amenra at Lido

Berlin Art Link, Amenra, Graham Haught

Blog entry by Graham Haught in Berlin; Saturday, May 3, 2014.

There was a clear reason why I went to Lido in Kruezberg last Wednesday, April 23rd. Potentially it was the same reason everyone was there, swirling through doors with glasses of beer and cigarettes poking through long hair, draping down shirtless backs…[read on…]

SOUND: The Resonators Series // Subterranean Rain at Mind Pirates

subterranean Rain_Berlinartlink_Graham Haught

Blog entry by Graham Haught in Berlin; Monday, Mar. 03, 2014.

Walking into Mind Pirates, in Kreuzberg on February 20, I was immediately confronted by Berliners lounging in black clothes and smoking cigarettes—all cast into an atmosphere of dark lighting (perhaps intentional). As I grabbed a beer, drone music clogged the high vaulted ceilings as Subterranean Rain performed a thirty-minute set. [read on…]

SOUND: The Resonators Series // Baron Castle at Boiler Room

baron castel, berlin art link, graham haught

Blog post by Graham Haught – in Berlin; Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014.

On February 12, the Boiler Room in Stattbad Wedding was packed tight with a range of clubbers and beautiful women who knew how to dance. Filtering through the series of side rooms in the club, I came to the dance floor, which was palpitating….[read on…]

Interview // Yung Jake: The Performance of the Internet

Yung Jake, Olivia Crawford, Berlin art link

Article by Graham Haught – in Berlin; Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014.

We currently exist in a highly performative time period enhanced, complexified, and rearranged by the Internet. Questions of localized identity, sexuality, and aesthetics are all thrown onto a flat neoglobalized plane of subjectivity. Yung Jake discusses the conception of Tumblr, the role of the artist as…[read on…]

Exhibition // Art Hack Day 2014

Berlin Art Link Feature, Transmediale, Art Hack Day, Art Work by Emilie Gervais

Article by Graham Haught – in Berlin; Friday, Feb. 07, 2014.

On Wednesday January 29th, transmediale launched Art Hack Day at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Art Hack Day – curated in conjunction with L.E.A.P. – took place within the framework of a 48-hour “challenge,” wherein…[read on…]

Open Call: Talents at C/O Berlin

by Graham Haught // Jan. 23, 2014
C/O Berlin – the city’s foremost exhibition space for photography which recently moved to the Amerika House in Charlottenburg – is hosting the 9th year of…[read on]